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About Us - the Band

This is Quarterbrain and we do Rockmusic

To make a long story short, lets say that Quarterbrain started in 2019 as a group of three musicians playing Rockmusic. There were stories and Things going on before that date, but that's a different story. We startet and the terrible Virus trried to stop us soon after we did our first chords as The Three. We are: Tom on guitar, Vocals and Keys, Thomas on Bass and Vocals and Phillip on Drums and Vocals. Phil replaced our previous Drummer in early 2022 and kicked the Band onto our nowadays level. We just finished our first album with 8 great songs in Fall 2023. It's mixed and mastered and now we need a Label to publish it and someone to book some shows for us to promote our first album. It's going to be a killer of an Album! What kind of music are we playing? There is no typical style that we are in. The music goes from Stoner to classic Rock, from Psychedelic to Alternative, from Punk to slow Piano Tracks like our Song "Mother Earth". All of us spent a good couple of years listening and playing different kinds of music. And it is this mixture that gives us the ability to write our songs. We let the riffs or licks lead us to it'S style. And finally there is only one way to figure out, what we are doping: LISTEN TO QUARTERBRAIN AND SEE OUR SHOWS!  

About us - the Musicians 


Tom Gapski used to play in different Bands  and different styles of music. From  1997  till 2003 he played Bass, Saxophon and did Backing Vocals  in a Punk-Band called APC. They published two Records  and did more than a hundred Gigs before they had to quit the project due to health problems of a unreplacable bandmember. 

From 2004 till 2007 and 2010 till 2014 he played Guitar and Sax and did main Vocals on a few Songs in a Band called Paintbox Explosion, a wild mixture of Vintage Rock, all written by the Band. They did recorde an album that unfortunatly was never released. While playing a couple of Gigs within the years, Bandmembers did quit due to several reasons like job or family and had to be  replaced .  After not being able to find about the 10th fittingly new Drummer and or Bassplayer,  the lasting members did call it an end.

 Tom spend the following years checking out a couple of Bands and searching for a new stile of music until he finaly desidet to start a new project and find people to create new  music; again musicians came, started to work, left the band a others replaced them. And whilst the world was almost paralysed by a virus and awoke again, he found the right mates to go to where we are now:The Rock Trio Quarterbrain!

Tom Gapski